I thought I would keep writing about you. Thought the memory of you would haunt me much longer. But, as I looked up from the last words I wrote, I found your image changed. You are no longer the demon that set my heart and soul on fire, leaving only ashes behind. You became just another figure in the crowd. «Somebody that I used to know».

I asked myself why. What happened ? Then, an answer, softly whispered in my ear.

I forgave you.

I don’t know when. I don’t know how. I just did. I started to notice when I mentionned your name in a conversation. It no longer held hatred and resentment. It was just another word, a piece of information like any other. Still, I questionned. What happened? Why ?

Love. It filled every little parts of me.

People always say time heals all wounds. Yet, I found that time is useless if love isn’t working with it. And it takes time to find love. But, once I found it, I knew it was mine forever. For I had fallen in love with myself. And that love I felt for me was stronger than the hate I felt for you. To forgive you was such a natural path to follow.

Thank you.
For all you did.
All I learnt.
The hate I felt for you
Killed the one I was
The love I feel for me
Gave birth to the one I am

I don’t know when it happened. Can’t tell you an exact date, my calendar is blank. I moved on. I hope you did the same. Farewell.

2 réflexions sur “Farewell

  1. I read some of your old posts and loved what I found ❤ I guess it’s no surprise that I can deeply relate to this post at the moment. I’m still struggling with the forgiving part – I guess it would be easier when the person was completely gone – but I know I’ll get there, eventually.

    Beautiful words and post, I’m glad you found closure.

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    1. Thank you so much Monika ! I believe you’ll get there too, and the moment will be so soft you’ll barely notice it happened 🙂 you’ll find your own closure too. Until then, your own words can help others going through the same thing ! I’m glad mine could be of help to you 🙂

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