I stare at the flames
thinking of all we are
all we have
memories of bliss
of sorrow
brought to life
picture perfect

guilt washes over me
can I do this to us ?
am I allowed ?
the flames call to me
burn, they say
bring yourself to ashes

awake yourself anew

fear holds on tight
I can’t
I won’t
but I need to
I know
I do

the dance begins

I follow the flame’s movements
gently guiding me
to the deepest parts of myself
burning away all the memories

barricades fall

I find myself naked
bared of everything
but my soul

with one wide movement
I embrace this life
my own
and reduce to dust
all that doesn’t belong within

hugging the ground
I breathe deeply
open my eyes
and lift myself up

marveling at everything
meeting those around
for the very first time

peaceful. unsettling.
everything forgotten.
what did I lose ?

memories trickle back one by one
simple facts of life
stoic, I watch them unfold

the flames beckon me again
the cleansing has just begun

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