Piccola principessa

blond braids
bouncing as you run towards him
luminous smile on your face
he opens his arms
and catches you as you leap

he turns towards me
lays a kiss on your cheek
« meet my little princess »
I smile at you

shy, you hide your face against his chest
I still see the glint in your eyes
as you sneak a peek my way

people drink and sing and dance
I come to you and extend my hand
you look at me
then slowly reach for it

I beam
as your small fingers curve around mine
I hope I have found a sister
in this small Italian town
so far away from my own

for a moment I look up
and find him looking back
he winks, mischievous
and smiles softly at the blush shading my cheeks

the only encouragement I needed

flower crowns woven in our hair
merriment on our faces
we twirl together
dancing to the percussions of our heart
discovering each other

I bend down and sweep you off your feet
rewarded by your giggles
we join the other dancers
opening up a place for us to fit in
welcoming smiles and nods
makes me feel I am home

I hold you close
and silently thank God above
for this family He gave me
precious gifts I shall cherish forever
little princess, little sister

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