the unknown
within the hearts
of those we see
every single day

all masks
behind which we find comfort

no more pixie dust
for the adults we have become

we were all kids once
expected to act like grown-ups
they gave us their costumes
and raised their voices at us
when we tripped on a fabric
that didn’t fit us

anxiety built slowly
smoke billowed  in our minds
flimsy strands of gray escaped from our pores
wraped themselves around us
constricting our every moves

perfect. we must be perfect. we must be. perfect. we must.


let us be kids, Mommy
let us grow and bloom as we should
don’t suffocate us with your love
our roots are dying
soon, the wind will snatch us away
where will we learn ?
where will we learn how to be kids ?

we broke and asked and begged to know the answer
breathing fast, breathing hard
how do we learn ?
how do we learn to be free again ?

please, Momma, tell us

the masks of the adults we have become
fall onto the ground
doesn’t fit us anymore
we take the crayons from the box you once gave us
and draw the faces we always wanted
the way you put on your make-up everyday

it’s messy and we look ridiculous
but our sincere smiles are adorable
we are 21, 36, 42
but, for once, we don’t mind being 5

we let go of all expectations
what we should do
how we should act
who we should be
nothing matters
we are finally free

we dance under the rain
chase after the butterflies
admire the stars
talk with our imaginary friends

our shadows become our playmates
we sing songs to the music playing in our heads
we experience the world without borders
and draw everything that doesn’t exist

no need to find Neverland, Mommy
we know how to be kids again
take our hand, trust us
let us teach you
you only need to believe

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