Where you are

no idea where to go next
my heart, a compass
I follow its light

the rivers of my soul
all meeting where I stand
bumping into each other
leading the way out

words without meaning
flowing through my fingers
water I cannot hold back
dripping into the ocean

where I am
feels like where I should be
twenty six letters to rearrange
into twenty six billion meanings
webs of silk
catching the answers of the universe

I don’t know where I’ll be tomorow
but I know where I’ll go
what direction to follow

the next road stop is a mystery
where I am
leaves clues to what it might be

where you are
breathe in the scent of today
commit it to your memory
this is where you come from

take off your shoes
dance with the sun
take a first step
or a thousandth
try something old
try something new
something borrowed
something blue

then go
and make tomorow
your new place to be

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