It doesn’t take much to recreate our world. Just a little piece of ourselves, shared openly with someone we care about. Shared openly with the rest of the world.

Everything I write is for you.

I see your face in my mind when my words come out. Sometimes, your features are blurry, like I’m not sure who I’m writing for. But I always recognize you. I know you do too.

These days feels slow. School is starting in more or less a month now. It’s exciting. Sometimes scary but mostly exciting. It’s been ten years and I feel like I’m back in high school. I always loved August, always loved the preparation surrounding the new year. Even if I sometimes said I didn’t want to go back, I know I was never able to hide my excitement to learn new things, meet new teachers, get closer to my dreams.

Dreams that are all coming back to me now, as if they have never left.

I dream of having at least one university degree, of being able to teach at least two different subjects. I dream of being fluent in at least five different languages, of living in at least six different countries and visiting so many more. I dream of writing books, blogs, stories and memoirs, short or lengthy, eager to share it all.

It doesn’t matter what road I take to reach these goals. It only matters that I reach them, for those are what truly calls me. I know I’ll learn everything I need to know on the way there. I have faith in my path. It doesn’t mean the path never hurts. Grief happens. But I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. A single reason.

Everything happens to teach us more about Love. Unconditionnal love. Love with a capital L. I know I wrote about this so many times now. That word is on every single piece of paper I can get my hands on and I write it so often because it rings so true for me. Just like it does for you.

The more I write here, the less I think about what I’m going to write. I just turn on my computer, open up the tab and start writing. When it’s done, I click « publish » and I don’t think about it anymore. It feels good. Like writing letters to a friend instead of blog posts. I like it very much.

There’s a meaning to this, even if I’m unsure what it is, exactly. I don’t know what I’m doing. I just trust. It’s all I need to create the life I truly want, recreate my thoughts so I can be true to who I really am.

Trust. That’s the piece of me I’m sharing with you. Sharing with the rest of the world. It’s all I truly need. The rest follows.

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