When I first met you, I thought you would make everything perfect. Every puzzle pieces would click into place and I would know, without a doubt, that my life was meant to be a wonderful adventure.

I was sixteen when I first stepped on your threshold. Avid to discover you yet anxious to disturb you, I mostly remained locked up in my room, living life the way I always did before I came to you. I expected you to bring me happiness and fulfillment but soon realised you failed to meet up to my expectations. So I began to look elsewhere for what I was missing.

I stayed two years before I left you for another, which turned out to be just as dissapointing as you were. So there was another. And another. And another. I went back to the one before you. One, two, three times. And now… I am back to you. Nothing changed about you. You are a gift from above.

You were the very first to witness me. You saw me love and grieve. Curse my family. Leave my friends behind. You wanted me to go out and play with you, yet I always refused. And today… Today, I Love. Grief is brief. I bless my family. Bring my friends closer. And I go out and play with you. Everything changed about me. A gift from above.

I wish I had known sooner that you were never the reason why I left. I was the one who wasn’t able to bring myself any happiness. I was the one blaming you for not feeling at home. You and all the others before and after you. I learnt. And now, I know.

Montreal, you once saw me at the beginning of my darkest moments. Now, you see the beginning of my brightest ones. I trace the lines of your body with my feet, discover your territory, one stop after the other. I feel your pulse vibrating through my own heart everywhere I go, in every metro station, on every street I walk, in the smiles of locals and tourists alike. I turned a light back on and it flickers to the same beat as yours. You will always remain my home, for home is in my heart and follows me wherever I go.

Every puzzle pieces clicked into place. I know, without a doubt, that my life is meant to be a wonderful adventure.

I feel alive. I’m happy I can be alive with you.

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