To a friend

I felt the need to write to you for days. Words boiling in my veins, in desperate need of existence. Not because I have anything of importance to say. Just because I feel the most alive when pouring what’s in my heart and my mind onto the page.

Routines I had for many years are turned upside down. I used to live day to day to earn the paycheck that would provide me the lifelines I held onto and enjoyed during my days off. The reasons why I work changed, but only now am I experiencing the powerful consequences of what I found inside and brought back to the light, values that money will never surpass.

Knowledge. Wisdom. Adventure.

I’ve never been more out of my comfort zone than I am now. It’s terrifying. Confusing. Exhilarating. I wake up in the morning, not quite knowing what I should do other than reaquainting myself with Time, trying to figure out how I feel about this new costume it gave me. It fits well but I cannot tell about the fabric it’s made of, texture unknown. The colours are beautiful and matches the sparkle in my eyes nicely, yet I need some time to adjust to the feel of the clothes on my body.

Sometimes, out of fear, I imagine what my life would be like if I turned around now and ran away. If I changed back into my old garb and pretend none of this was ever worth it. When those moments come, I pray. God always speaks the perfect words of Love to keep my courage and strength blazing. I fear what’s ahead but I fear what’s behind even more. God teaches me to love where I come from and where I will be. There is nothing to fear, everything to learn. Everything to love.

Living in the present is about being at peace with the past and welcoming the future. No matter what they might be.

I felt the need to write to you. To tell you how much I miss you. How much I love you. I hope you’re having a journey worth sharing with those you hold dear to your heart. I hope it’s safe enough yet dangerous enough for you to feel those tingles of fear down your spine, an energy akin to excitement. Tremble, dearest, tremble and call to the warrior inside. May your battle cry be heard from wherever I stand in this world and the next.

I’m going back on the road.

Until next time,



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