Witness of the universe

Chinatown on a quiet afternoon
pride and dignity
beneath the trash on the ground
disheveled beauty
a choir of foreign sounds greets my soul

lovers asleep on the train
holding hands
he smiles, kisses the top of his head
he smiles, leans closer on his shoulder
quiet bliss in a picture

woman basking in sunlight
on the stairs of a crowded place
sitting peacefully still
unforgettable serenity
mirrored onto my face

floating above university’s ground
wings carried in the gentle breeze
they unfold their colours
on flowers offered to their touch

comet passing by
I lift my head to the sky
caught by a moment of clarity
as if discovering for the first time
how small I really am in this world

humility reaches inside
visions become awe becomes art
I learn
through expressions of the world
what it feels to be divine
and human at the same time

senses guiding me
to what does not yet exist
limitations overthrowned
by means of imagination
universe becomes one
with the tip of my fingers

I am a witness of the universe
biographer of life
scribbling out what will soon turn memory
records of love, loss and silver linings
for who will remember the truth of our humanity
if not I ?
if not we ?

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