I came to you on a hot, Sunday afternoon. You were waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs leading to your place, arms and heart wide open, a soft smile on your face.

Crying, I ran to you and held onto your waist tightly.

« Please, don’t let me go »

You kissed the top of my head and brushed your fingers through my hair.

« I won’t »

 You didn’t.

You and I have an understanding. You are never far from my thoughts. I am never far from your reach, even when life pulls me away from you.

You are the first one to believe in me when I don’t. When I fall, your hand is there, ready for me to take and help myself up. Your wisdom always finds its way to me when I need it the most. Compassion and joy seeps from the letters of your name. It is so easy to love you. So easy.

Sooner than I think, I’ll be writing your name down on those pages, with everything it holds.

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