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  1. Another beautifully written piece I could identify with. It’s sad, but on the other hand it’s comforting to know that others wonder about the lives of the people they fleetingly meet, too.

    btw I love that your blog is in French (like the comment section etc.). Maybe I’m making the wrong assumptions but it’s cool to meet someone that’s also not a native English speaker, too (I’m aware that Canada is bilingual, just assuming that you grew up speaking French? :D)


      1. I went to the supermarket today, the lady at the cashier was in a hurry because of the queue behind of me, asking absent-mindedly if I wanted to have the receipt. Had to think of your words.

        Cool! 😀 French is the language I never really became friends with even though it’s really beautiful haha at what age did you start studying English?

        No, I learnt Spanish five, six years ago when I went to Uruguay for an exchange. 🙂 My first language is German 😀

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