Montreal, 5AM. A sight I get to see only a few days, twice a year. Walking through the quiet streets on a Monday morning, hearing birds chirping and feeling the chill on my skin, crinkles adorn my face as my lips lighten up. My steps resonate as I walk through the subway station. I can hear every cracks and pops of the machinery hidden in its walls.

Soft piano plays in my ears, the roar of the subway cars overlapping its sounds. This is the Montreal I love. Populated just enough for a chance to study those around me. So quiet once I leave those man-made machines for the outside world. The big city does sleep, and I like waking up before she does to witness her slumber. For the early bird I am, seeing her stripped bare of her night life, her heartbeat is as familiar as the faraway town I grew up with.


University, library opened 24/7, I’m studying for one of my last exam. Two more awaits, with two assignments to turn in. It’s a bittersweet countdown. This first year is almost done. Soon, I won’t see the people I met as often as I did, our ways splitting in different branches of interest. What I once found uncomfortable became a new comfort zone, ready to be left behind, a soft blanket I’m not all ready to quit. Yet, excitement bubbles inside when I look at what the next year have in stock for me, new knowledge to fill my insatiable brain, new writings to play with.

I’ve been dreaming this journey for so long. Being on it’s road, feeling ends and beginnings rolling behind each other, I ask myself : what will I do once it’s done? What will I do when the dream is fulfilled, added to the reality of my experiences?

New dreams awaits. Old ones come and go, whispering « one day, maybe ». I’m walking through a labyrinth without a map, faith my only ally. She knows where I’m going.


Walking the streets of Montreal at dawn is as eerie a feeling as is walking through the labyrinth. I feel alone, yet not lonely. The air is cold but I’m warm inside. My perception of the colours of the world is different under the sunrise, just as is my perception of the future when I can only glance at images of what I want it to be. Everything feels soft and ready to disappear, but then, the sun shines higher and everything becomes tangible and real. Time speeds up as the city wakes up, welcoming another day on her glass and concrete. I find an empty bench at the park, where I sit, close my eyes, and dream some more.

6 réflexions sur “Eerie

  1. This post is full of wonderful sentences that I love! You did a great job entwining your surroundings with your feelings about the future. I’ve never been to Montreal, nor have I ever stopped to think about how it must be to live there – but now you’ve sparked my interest 🙂
    Good luck with your exams & assignments! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much ! I actually disliked Montreal the first time I lived here when I was much younger! But I came to realize my discomfort was more about how I felt inside than the town itself. Now that inside has healed, I can see the beauty of every places I go, no matter how ordinary they seem :), even though Montreal isn’t the most ordinary place to be :p Thanks for the luck, I will need all I can get for the last of my school work haha Feel free to tell me whenever you decide to come in MTL, I’ll show you around !


      1. That sounds like my relationship to Switzerland when I came here as a little kid! It’s so beautiful that you’re able to appreciate everything around you now 🙂 I feel like we’re in the same place! What makes it so extraordinary to you?
        And thank you for the invitation (I’ll take it as one, haha)! Canada, next to Mongolia and Myanmar, has been on my ‘top long-distance destination list’ for many years now. Someday 🙂 Same goes to you, let me know if you ever come to Switzerland! I’m a horrible guide but I can make sure you’ll be well fed and have some photos haha


      2. Hahaha I accept this invitation as well ! Pictures while traveling are always the thing I never think of taking (when I went in Croatia, halfway through the trip, my dad asked me for pictures so I started taking some for him). Your question raised an interesting answer : what I find extraordinary about Montreal is that… it’s not extraordinary. With time, I grew a love for the mundane and came to believe that it’s exactly this, the mundane, that makes life extraordinary. But, if I had to speak of one thing about this town, it would be about the trees. I once believed that the city lacked in nature, but the first time I climbed Mount Royal and saw the view, there are as many trees lining the streets as there are buildings. And that exact sight is what changed my mind about this place 🙂 Because, in the span of an instant, what I always believed about it was changed. And it made me wonder about how much more I could discover, uninformed opinions I had I could change. Montreal feels like any big city. Maybe it’s people is different than elsewhere, maybe some of it’s architecture and food is different too… It’s just how I feel about it that makes it extraordinary 🙂 How about you ? How did your relationship to Switzerland grew with time ?


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