One year

I started writing this blog a year ago. Back then, I knew it could lead to another failure. I’ve been known for starting blogs that I would later delete, trapped in words I was unable to own, under a name I couldn’t carry, trying to recapture the sense of freedom and creativity I had when I wrote my first blog in 2007. I was a teenager back then, carefree, and it showed in my writing, happiness with a little bit of pretention. I deleted the blog by accident one day, trying to get rid of another one I didn’t use on the same platform. I was never able to build another one like it again. And then, I created this one.

I knew I could fail again but, surprisingly, this time, I did not. I started writing under a penname that I later changed for my own, sharing stories and experiences I wish my younger self had known. For the first time in years, I wrote and shared out of desire, not because I thought it was the thing I should do. I wasn’t trying for a writing career anymore. I was writing for the joy and love of it.

Some of my texts were born in only a few minutes, words rushing by and needing to get out in the moment. Others slowly cooked in my brain for a few months, even a few years, before I found the voice they needed to be told. I shared stories I never thought I would write, each one of them giving me strength and courage for the next one. Fear sometimes knocked on my door, but I never let it in.

When I started planning this post a month ago, I didn’t know what would be the next steps on my way, what styles of writing I would go for. Since then, projects have started to take shape, some of them already in motion through this platform and another. I’ve been building the confidence to write about sociopolitical themes that matters to me, dive into different genres of poetry and storytelling, perhaps even try my hand at critiques and literary analysis, using the many modulations of my voice discovered during the past twelve months. The metamorphosis of my thoughts about money and the worth of my words also laid down the road for new experiments, both as a blogger and a writer.

There is still so much to learn. I’m excited to discover it all.

May 19th is a day of celebration. A rebirth of some sort. It deserves cake and a few candles to blow.


For all of you who’ve been supporting me so far, old and new followers, thank you. It makes me happy to know that, through my struggles and moments of clarity, others can find common ground and share their own experiences. It’s always a pleasure to read you. I look forward to the next years together.


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