Summer nights

the quiet of a lake
trees surrounding me, solemn
a bonfire crackling at my feet
casting a warm glow on my skin
music rings from the wings of dragonflies

the night has not settled yet
but they have awoken
the ancestors of the land
marching towards me
their drums beating, steady

under moon and fire
the mist shines silver and gold
a lonely wolf howls
in the darkness of the forest
I rise to join him

the crisp of branches and leaves
I make my presence known
to the woodland spirits
a peace offering
mutually accepted

fireflies lighting the way
dancing together in a play
perfected the night before
I crouch down on the grass
they turn invisible and scatter

ducklings still awake
chirping on the still lake
loud quacks
the adults are sleeping
so should they

I turn around
settle on the ground
my bed awaits
I close my eyes
and drift in after them

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