how are you doing ?
sweet talk
my heart cringes
I take the phone off my ear
and delete your message

what is there to say
between us
that haven’t been said before ?

your voice
only sweeps
the surface of us

the air is howling
through the cracks
of your heart
yet disrepaired

I close my eyes
and breathe

I won’t be waiting for you


words strung together
meaning felt but unseen
silent sounds without a partition
secrets found, failed mission
unintentional enigma
left wide open
on the right side of the table

memoirs written
short pieces of mundanity
between bursts of fragility
cryptic messages
fresh from the wound
bleeding wide open
on the right side of the table

Other side

graffitis on the wall
barely visible
on the other side of the street
steaming mug in hands
warm inside
attention held by pieces of dust

stark white snow against black concrete
on the other side of the window
ambiant contrast
eyes adjusting
to the muted lights of the coffee shop

people sharing the sidewalks
hands buried in their pockets
on the other side of the world
I turn my head back
to the pages of the book in my lap
and take another sip


The spring equinox haven’t reached our land yet but I dig deeper into the soil, leaves burgeoning where I end and begin. Ice and snow lingers in my hair. The rising sun melts it away.

One’s birth dependent of one’s death. Cycle ascending, one more breath. Ouroboros seconds away from catching its tail. Branches shaking, my body grows one more ring.

I shine gently on my surroundings, strength gaining momentum at the waking of the wilds. A soft whisper in the air. The lilacs are blooming.

Lights above, shadows underneath. Balance on a petal blown in the wind. I catch it blind, make it home on a wreath, the choir of all I am made of.

Peace have been found. Under the shades of my wings, I am free.


glimpses into someone else’s eyes
imagining what their lives are like
hoping to catch a sparkle of the dreams
they buried inside
but all I see
is the reflection of the red light
as they scan the next item on my list
they look away when they ask
« Do you want the receipt ? »


flipping through dusty tomes
hermetic communities
I do not belong

on the tip of my tongue
a name forgotten
six moons passed

one trinity left ’til dawn
planetary alignment
stars drawn on the fresh soil

fires of skydust
lighting my way
ancient footsteps behind

I found you